WIW: Stripes &Polka dots

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
For those of you WIW weekly visitors thinking, "Hey I saw you before but your name was Lovenotes?" Well it was &I am the same girl. I changed my blog name to match my new Etsy shop. I will be changing the URL and everything else officially soon. I just thought I'd let you know that you aren't crazy!

If we're going to be friends there is probably something you should know about me.
I love my patterns &my layers.
What I love even more is mixing patterns in the craziest ways.

 Polka dots are probably my very favorite right next to a good stripe.

 Top: Old Navy. Jeggings: Old Navy. Scarf: Target. Belt: Target. Flats: Old Navy. Bracelet &Necklace: Lisa Leonard.

My husband started playing a game- let's see how short we can make you look. I already stand 5 foot nothing. He's such a goof.

Don't worry I put my foot down &told him to cut it out. While laughing &giggling of course.

Seriously, my husband says I have a layering problem. I just load the clothes on out of habit.
I try to lay off in the summers though because I might get heat stroke just walking from my car into a store around here.

Did you miss the announcement of my etsy store? I explained the meaning of it all yesterday, click {here}.

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Amber said...

Love the stripes and spots together, I too will be doing some more of that as it cools down and I can finally layer. Here is too us 5ft nothing girls, although I think I have started shrinking! Hehe have a wonderful week honey. ax

Colleen said...

cute! love that you paired the black with a brown belt, prob one of my favorite things to do!

Ania said...

so cute and I love the scarf being belted.

lori said...

loveee the stripes and polka dots together! you have super cute hair, too!!