What I wore: Finding style that works.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being a Mom has so many wonderful things about it. I love every second. It's amazing to me how natural it just was even from the very beginning. Though I have to admit, being a mom has reaked havoc on my personal style.

Once upon a time I was super stylish. I mean I was vintage before vintage was back in style. I'm not even kidding. BUT post baby let me tell you- I have so many issues. 

I didn't even know how to dress my body anymore because I've been stick thin my whole life and all of a sudden I have these hips and other lady parts that used to be mesquito bites if ya know what I mean. Though I've thankfully lost my baby weight I still have the lovely "pooch" that may or may not have been mistaken for "expecting #2" the other week [ talk about the most embarrassing moment of my entire life! ] Husband says it will go away if I work out but let's be real... that doesn't happen so much as I'd like to say it does.

Not only is my body way different, but I bend, I crouch, I squat, I lift, I carry all day long, every single day of my life! It's hard on my ensembles. So my outfits not only have to be cute, but also extremely functional too. Fashionable is usually anything but functional. So it's a challenge figuring out what to wear without constantly fidgeting, pulling, adjusting, and trying not to show the entire world my unders when I'm out on errands.

Plus I'm young, so I don't want my clothes to age me. 

Plus I want to be modest and not slanky.

Plus I'm five-foot-nothing tall.

Plus it's freaking hot here.

Button Up, Cropped Pants, Mustard flats: Old Navy. Belt: American Eagle. Bracelet: Lisa Leonard.

So I am going to put forth a concerted effort to dress cuter.
I may or may not document my successes and unsuccesses here.
It's my blog, I do what I want.

Today = success.
If you don't think so please don't tell me because I liked this outfit a lot.


moreygirl said...

well, I think you're absolutely adorable! I love that flowered shirt! I totally understand the whole frumpy mess after baby. You'll get there, then you'll wonder where the time went!

Jenna said...

Thx! Btw love your jewelry!

Kevin and Megan said...

=] love this Jenna. You're too cute. It makes you totally rethink what you buy...and in what colors. =P. Or if you buy that cute new outfit for you... or the babe.... or diapers ... ;]dang. Diapers trump all...