TUTORIAL: Coffee Filter Wreath

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I am so excited about the tutorial that I have for you today. 
Who doesn't love a good ruffle? I sure do. 
This project isn't originally mine, I've seen them all over pinterest. But I thought I'd share my take on how to  make one of these pretty things.

This wreath was such a cinch and super cheap to make.
Not to mention that ruffles are so pretty and romantic. Perfect for the Valentine holiday coming up.

10" wreath form
Coffee Filters [from Dollar Tree and I used less than 1 pack]
Hot glue gun & glue
Wide marker
Scissors for trimming

Wrap filter around your wide tip marker and add a dab of hot glue

Position filter on wreath form. I worked my way from inside to outside.
** Be sure that you don't put the filters too close to the edge otherwise it won't sit flat on your door. I had my wreath on the counter the whole time to make sure it still would lay right.

Make your way around the entire form. 

Soon you'll have this. I went back in and filled in holes with more filters to make sure it was super full of ruffly goodness.

You'll have some spots where the filters stick up a little high in some places, so just trim it down with scissors.

This is what the back looks like when you're all finished. Notice that the filters don't go all the way to the edge of the wreath that's what I meant by keeping some room so it lays right on your door.

 And wha-la!

So pretty, it only took me about an hour to make and cost less about $7.
Perfect example of cheap to chic.


Brittney - The Luycx's said...

I tried doing a paper lantern with coffee filters one time. I got about 75% of the way done, and then quit. It was SO time consuming, so props to you girl. This looks good!

Comeca Jones said...