Our front room.

Monday, February 20, 2012
It is so lovely to be home! 
I've done pretty much nothing but veg since we walked in the door late Friday night.
Of course when I say veg I mean unpack 4 suitcases, and wash & fold 5 loads of laundry.
But hey, that's pretty much nothing in mom terms right?

Today I've been putting together the front room of our house which previously was where kids would run around and wreak havoc at our house while parents sat in the other room and pretended their offspring didn't exist.
Well, I'm reclaiming that space for myself! Because well... I want a pretty room.

So I thought I'd share a little of the makings of that front room. There is a lot to do still but hey, it's a start.

 I knew those hydrangeas needed to be cut down but I didn't realize how much until I saw this picture. I'm going to go do that riiiiiiiight now.

  I have a minor love affair with these chairs. They are so gorgeous. Probably one of the favorite things in my house.

There's pallet shelves to build, rug to find, new pillows, not to mention the other empty half of the room that I can't decide what to do with. Formal dining room maybe? We'll see.