My first vintage flea market.

Friday, March 2, 2012
I went to my first vintage flea market this morning out in Lehi.
It was so much fun + I was so inspired... I had to hold back a LOT and remind myself that a collection of things takes time to accumulate.
I meant to take a lot more pictures but it was SO busy, windy, and my baby wanted nothing to do with it.

Here are the things that I walked away with, and I already have remorse on a few things that I passed up.

Vintage metal milk basket. It is so rusted & amazing. They had a lot of these & I wish I would have bought more because they are so perfect to hold things.

Vintage toolbox. The color was too amazing to pass up & the union steel emblem on the lock is pretty great too.

Vintage baby scale.

I feel like I brought some treasure home with me today and that makes me real happy.


Jes said...

flea markets are THE best!
xx jes

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I love vintage flea markets and your gorgeous finds say why! I love everything you picked up, what a successful trip!

nichole said...

I am heading that way next week. Where is this fabulous flea market?

Sarah said...

I love the scale. I have a few in my collection but none have those gorg colors.

I too must know where this fab flea market is? I've been searching for flea markets in Az and told my husband the other day I didn't think Az had any flea markets.