Our love song.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
I've been trying to write down Spencer and I's love story since well... we fell in love. But lately it's been on my  mind more than ever as the years keep passing, and we have started to grow our own little family.

Our love story is simple. He had me from hello. Quite literally. I didn't last long after he said, "Hi, my name is Spencer Allen... I'm a firefighter." Okay- it didn't go quite like that. He may have held off on the firefighter comment for at least 2 sentences into our first conversation.

But even without the firefighter comment which let's admit-- made him near irresistible, there was something about that boy that really caught my attention. Maybe how he wasn't a boy, like all the other boys I had met and failed at dating. He was older, confident, and just all around man-ish.  {yes, man-ish is a really good thing to be in case you're wondering}

I went home and texted my very best friend telling her I fell in love that night.

{the first picture we took after a couple weeks of dating. we were babies ahem... at least the one of the right was}

She may have thought I was being a typical teenage girl... jumping the gun on love, but our relationship proved to be that of forever-ness. 

We kept talking, hanging out, and going on lots of dates. 

Sometimes when you know, you just know. I knew Spencer was it for me. I knew it, he knew it, probably even after just the week after we started dating. Some part of me just knew that we were going to travel down the long road of eternity together.

When I think about it, I kind of laugh at how quickly it all happened, because I'm not one to believe in soul mates whatsoever. I think there's a lot of potentially great partners for you, and we get to choose which one we stick with.

But if you asked me today who was my soul mate, without hesitation I would say Spencer is and always has been since the day we first met. Every day that we spend together, the more and more I realize that statement to be true.

But I would owe it all to this simple quote from Thomas S. Monson-

Heeding the Prophets advice, and working as a couple to be better at it every day-- we strengthen our relationship, and become more and more eternal soul mates.