Finials, crates, and mailboxes [oh my!]

Friday, July 20, 2012
I've been totally scoring lately finding the most AWESOME things in the most random places.

These finials were a curb side pick up in my neighborhood. I gave them a quick white wash and am in total love! The possibilities are literally endless in my mind. I put them on my bookshelf, and fell even deeper in love. They are so architectural and pretty. 

 I had almost given up at Goodwill when I stumbled across the ugliest, plainest looking wood crate. It was old, and kind of gross. My love for anything crate-y told me that I had to buy it. So I took it home, cleaned it up, painted it white [of course] and distressed it. 

 This mailbox was another score. It was kind of boring and grey before, I painted it my favorite aqua color Sea Glass by Martha Stewart. After seeing these photos I definitely want to paint the hardware white & add words on the side. 

The cosmo's have aligned for me. I NEVER get this much good stuff in so little time. I'm just going to go with it and hope it lasts!