Good things brought to you by Pinterest.

Monday, August 6, 2012
I love Pinterest and all that it entails. Let's be honest, it makes surfing the web fun, SIMPLE and SO mouthwatering. 
Oh, your mouth doesn't water? Sorry, it must be just me then.

Sometimes I wonder if things are too good to be true, and I'm sure some things are. But this week my faith has been restored and I've tried a few things from Pinterest that turned out to be super fabulous!

These 36 calorie peanut butter cookies are delicious! I love home made cookies, they're a HUGE downfall for any healthy eating plan I start. At least I don't feel guilty when I eat these, and I don't miss a single one of those calories!

We've been enjoying berries this summer. They have been EXTRA sweet I think. This wash totally works! I no longer feel like I need to scarf down those strawberries or else they'll go bad. It's been really freeing, let me just tell you! 

This pasta is super simple and surprisingly delicious! Perfect for those lazy summer nights, and practically bare cupboards.

Have you tried anything on Pinterest that worked out wonderfully?