Room Reveal: Grandma's House.

Monday, October 20, 2014
I spent a couple days with my mom visiting & working on a few spaces around her house. I somehow managed to forget my good camera so I don't have beautiful pictures to share with you.
But it would be a shame to not show you a few of her pretty spaces.
My mom lives in the cutest little cottage style house. Her style is modern countryish.
I hate labeling styles because it's hard, and I think it's boring to play by a certain "style"

It started with a {few} massive hauls to Homegoods. I love that I can go anywhere &know that Homegoods will have a TON of great options.

I apologize for all the phone pictures. Our main focus was  her basement which was newly finished, complete with pretty wood floors, and pretty soft grey walls.
I did end up doing a few projects while I was there, including making cornice boards for her living room.
You can see what her room looked like last year when I first went and decorated her living room, here.
She had moved her sofas down to the basement because they were a little oversized for her formal living room &found a beautiful Pottery Barn leather sofa at Downeast Home.
The chairs are from Pier One Imports.
The rug is from Down to Earth home.
The lamps are from Black Goose Design.
The coffee table is Ikea.
The art above the fireplace is made by me :). 

I love this old copper bucket on her hearth. It was filled with Hydrangeas but we swapped it out with some fall wildflowers & greenery. I love that this arrangement looks like we gathered it from the area that she lives.

The cornice boards were quite the project because I pretty much made it up as I went. Isn't that the only way to do things? Anyways, we ended up using a foam board from Lowes which made them really lightweight which was GOOD, they didn't need any crazy hardware to be hung.
This is the fabric we used, my mom had it picked out before I got there. 

I'm a neutral girl, but sometimes a whole bunch of pretty colors on a fabric makes me so happy.

Down in her basement half of it is a sitting area, and the other half is a game area that will have built ins eventually. We used some gauzy panels from Ikea, and picked up a beautiful cowhide rug for under the area. I am a little jealous. I want a cowhide in my house... somewhere.

I am really bummed I didn't get any good pictures of the sitting area that is adjacent to this table. It is pretty & might have even had some faux fur involved.