4 month old baby girl

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My daughter is 4 months old! She's is growing into such a beautiful little girl.
Well I think she's been beautiful since day 1.
She is getting so big, I don't know when she got this big.
She's in the 92 percentile for weight
88th percentile for head size
82th percentile for length
aka she's a good sized babe.
She eats 1st foods (well kinda).
She loves baby einstein play time music.
She kicks her legs when she gets really excited.
She cracks up when you make funny noises.
She loves to munch on her little hands.
She sleeps 12-13 hours every single night.
She LOVES bed time, she falls right asleep every night on her own.
She loves to be held and loved on.
She is mesmerized by colors, especially bright ones.
She loves Disney movies, her favorite is UP.
She loves her bumbo.
She loves to go shopping with mommy and grandma.
She loves ceiling fans, she just watches them go round and round.
She loves her pink puppy that sings music to her.
She loves headbands (or is that mommy? haha).
She loves patty cake.

She is so perfect. We were blessed with an angel baby I'm tellin ya.