Dear Baby Angel,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Angel,

You are 7 months old today. I can not even believe how big you are!
Yesterday we went to your check up and the doctor said you are the size of most 9 month olds!
You are 27 inches tall, and 19 lbs 2 oz.
You definitely did not inherit my tiny genes.
You are such a talker!
There is no sweeter sound than to hear your chatty little self around our home. THAT you definitely got from your momma.
You love to sit and watch me sew and make things. You just sit in your little chair... look at me with those big brown eyes... and take it all in... someday you're going to be the best little artist around!
You are quite the curious little girl. I don't even mind that you get into everything within your reach because you're learning about the world. Though, it still isn't nice to get into other women's bags at church.
I hope your eagerness to learn and discover things never fades.
You love all things sparkly and shiney, another trait you got from little old me.
I love when people say you look just like me. That is the best compliment I've ever gotten in my whole life! But I see so much of your dad in you.
People go out of their way to stop me in public to tell me how adorable you are.
Of course I agree. You're perfect.
It is so funny to see myself in you, it makes me smile and worry a little too. I hope you turn out a zillion times better than me... I would settle for a billion times better even.
You have such a sweetness about you.
You are so full of giggles and smiles. I hope life never gets you down and takes those smiles from your face.
I love how you smile when you see me in the morning.
You are so soft and cuddly. Though the world is tough, I hope you always stay soft and gentle.
Today while you were napping I laid in bed next to you and cuddled you... I wished you would stay cuddly and little forever... even though I know you can't.
A momma can still wish, hope, and dream.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that your momma and daddy love you oh so much! We can't even remember what life was like before you. You have such a darling, vibrant personality. I love to get to know you more and more every day we spend together!