Things I love: thrifting

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
There are so many bonuses of thrifting... I won't preach because I know you've heard it all before.
Besides the fact of repurposing, I like it because well... it's a cheap thrill!
It takes effort on your part to go often, rummage through the bad and ugly... but amongst the bad and ugly lie gems!
Sometimes I leave with nothing but a headache, other times I am so psyched on my finds.

When it comes to thrifting clothes, my main key to success is that I try everything on! Sometimes I think they are super awesome, then when I put them on I feel like I walked right out of the thrift store. Which though that's what you did, that is NOT what you want to feel like when you buy thrifted items. I have to LOVE them... I'm talking the real L-O-V-E if I'm going to buy anything. Don't let the plain fact that they're cheap sway you... because I can find a good deal anywhere.

Another thing when thrifting is to avoid trendy items. These are easy to look classless and cheap. I look for  higher quality fabrics such as silk, and classic shapes and cuts. With these you will create more of a timeless style which is what I've always been a sucker for.

Here are some of the lovelies I found today:
Pink blouse is a thrifted item from a few weeks ago, it was around $3.
 Black and White Paisley Skirt $4. Score.
Copper Colored Silk Shell $3 with leather belt with flower buckle $1.50
 Navy Blue Silk Blouse [with some awesome shoulder pads] $3. Score. Leather Belt $1.50. Score.
rest of my outfit is not thrifted.

There are so many sweet, simple, vintagey blouses on those thrift store racks for pennies really. You know the ones I'm talking about... they are totally in right now! I love all the shoulder pads that I find, I think they're awesome but you can cut them out if you don't like them, easy peasy. Paired with a belt, or funky jewelry, and skinnies... they are excellent night out outfits.

I've found that you can totally score in the skirt department too. I am always feeling like I need to liven up my skirts because I wear one almost every single Sunday. A lot of the ones that I find are barely worn, I think most women must not really wear skirts except for special occasions... at least where I live.

Of course I am a girl that likes her fair share of expensive name brand things. The husband would certainly agree with that I'm sure. It's nice to mix thrifted with new. Plus if you thrift you will have the money to spend on more expensive necessities like the $400 Michael Kors watch I have my eye on. Just kidding. Husband might have just read that and had a heart attack.