Whittaker family get together + Tahoe trip

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
We took a trip up to Lake Tahoe for some Whittaker family fun this weekend.
I was really worried about baby Gracie and how she would handle it... but turns out she is a camper after all!
I actually think she really enjoyed it. Who would have thought that I would have a little camper daughter.
She endured lots and lots and lots of driving, being woken up from naps, passed around by relatives, bugs, and dirt and she was happy as can be! She even let me dip her in the freezing lake and didn't even cry.

Our family on the Fourth of July in front of our yurt. A yurt is a stationary tent with a wooden frame, and even electricity!
We spent a day relaxing at the beach and of course we had to take the time to drive around to see some of the sites. Every where you look is so pretty and picturesque!

 Pope Beach.
Kayak. Look at those mountains behind us!

Grace loves the sun. She would lay in it all day if I let her.
Spencer gave the little kids apple chips to feed the geese. They got a gourmet meal that day.
 Emerald Bay.
 The whole family at Emerald Bay.
 Posing for the picture. Ohhh my little diva baby.
Lunch stop at the Truckee River Dam. The Dam Cafe was so yummy.
Cheese monster. Tahoe arts & crafts fair.
Baby girl got to meet a lot, a lot of family. She loved them all!
The girl loves hair. She was pulling on little Jakey's, he thought it was funny too.

I camped and I liked it!! It was much better than I remember as a kid. I even told Spencer that we should camp more. I think he went into minor shock.
It was a good weekend, but oh so good to be home!