Needs some love.

Saturday, July 9, 2011
This rocking chair has been sitting at my mom's house begging for some love since well before Christmas time. Give me a little break- I did have a baby around that same time and now have a six month old running my day to day life. We play all day long every day, what could be better than that?!
I love the arm rails it's got on it, they are dainty and carved.
The denim fabric is certainly well worn, someone rocked a lot of babies in this here chair. Or perhaps an old lady had it and read lots of good books in it. Either way, it's been loved previously, and I like that.
I decided that I am going to refinish it definitely this week. Hopefully, if the weather agrees with me. Humidity is not good weather for painting.
New upholstery, new paint, and a little oil to stop the squeaking when it rocks. Just a little love is all. Who doesn't need a little of that from time to time?
I think it will be perfect in the little babe's room. I better finish it before she grows too old and doesn't let me rock her anymore.