You know those weeks...

Friday, July 29, 2011
Ever had one of "those" weeks... the weeks where you get almost absolutely nothing productive done!
You know when you don't get half the things done you planned.
Everything you try to do doesn't go right.
You feel uninspired.
You only blog ONCE the whole week.
I have an excuse... a pretty good one too!
Spencer has had unexpected time away from work and so we've been enjoying one another's company.
Grace and I have been so spoiled having daddy around.
Grace and I missed him entirely too much between his work, his class, and hospital rotations.
It's nice to have the Mr. around the house, though it does make me insanely unproductive.
It's a very very very good unproductiveness.
I have ordered a bunch of things lately that I am super excited about! I can't wait to share them with you soon.

Want to see what's being made for me as we speak?! Let the swooning begin.
This beauty. Customized with a very personal touch.
Ooooh! I can barely hold in my excitement.
I ordered it here.
Lisa Leonard has some super beautiful stuff. I want it all!
These are some of my top picks.
Sun droplet necklace.
Rain or Shine so Glad You're Mine necklace.
Devoted bracelet.

You should definitely go check her out.
Speaking of checking something out... look at the babes... she is growing too fast!
I love her soo much, my goodness!