Love? Perhaps.

Sunday, July 31, 2011
I took a stab at making myself a headband.
Be honest now... what do you think?
Husband wouldn't let me wear it out today.
He said I look like a little goof in it.
Sad day. I felt adorable in it.
{ps. don't ask what face I was making in that 2nd picture... I don't even know}

I got my first batch of stretchy lace and I'm in love.
Except I'm not sure how practical it is for the babe because it is far less secure than elastic.
She is so wiggly it doesn't stay on very well.
It's super cute though!
Maybe for special occasions and new born babes who wiggle far less.
Maybe there's a better kind of stretch lace out there that I haven't found yet.
Maybe, maybe, maybe... I still love it either way.

I might become that weird mom who wears headbands daily.
Is that strange?
What would you think if you saw a momma and a baby both wearing headbands in public?

I'm linking this post up at Little Miss Momma for her headband challenge link party!


hkfarnsworth said...

its cute. dont let the hubs stop you from wearing it.. ps.. why dont you try sewing the lace to the elastic? so you get the lace look but have a more secure headband??? just a suggestion!! your babes is really cute and sure gettin big!

Jenna said...

Thanks! I just figured out the my daughters headbands fit me too so I'm so going to start stealing them regularly! I think I found some better lace tonight so we'll see!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sugar Jane said...

If so then I'm weird because Tessa and I do. Not matching but I love a great headband. You can't go wrong. And there is nothing wrong with it.....
So some guidance on the look: Soft fullness... no bump.... With the same soft curls.... so cute.

dana @ wonder forest said...

i totally think you can rock that! and psh don't listen to your man!! haha what do they know about cute accessories ;)
check out my headband post too!!!
xox dana

Jami said...

I love your headband! My hubby is not sure about it when I wear them either ;( I will admit when I'm wearing one I usually don't put my baby in one, hahaha.

ECoop said...

Well I love it and think you could wear it anywhere! Looks great on you! :)

uniqu3scrapper said...

I love your headbands..i plan on wearing mine a lot.
I am actually having a super cute hair accessory giveaway now at my blog. make sure to enter for your chance to win.

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

It's really cute! I do like it, you look good with rosettes! Isn't stretchy lace awesome?

Kendra said...

I think the headband is super cute! especially the rosette! But my husband would agree with your husband. To "trendy" for him :)