Monday, August 15, 2011
We went on a trip.
Actually a couple trips like boom boom- back to back. It was wonderful.
We finished our trips on Thursday last week and spent a day or so playing catch up.
{ I still haven't unpacked my bag completely... whoopsie. }

Spenc and I went to California for 3 nights. It was so much fun! My husband is probably the funnest person alive.Yep, funnest. ever. to. live.
Plus he would probably do anything to make me happy. Best man ever I'm tellin ya.
We went down to Huntington to shop, drove along the PCH at sunset, Disneyland, and Six Flags.
If that sounds like a lot... that's because it was!  We didn't really "relax" that much. Though just not having to change diapers for 4 days was SUPER relaxing let me just tell you.

I think it's so important when you get married to keep the attitude that your relationship with your man is still young and needs to be tended to. It makes things so much more fun when you actually "date" your husband and go on little out of town adventures. I love to see Spenc out of his element and out of our corner of the world.
It makes me feel like I am in Indiana Jones, "you have chosen wisely."

Well I am announcing that I'm back from my blog hiatus. Husband went out of town so I will probably get to a lot of projects I have sitting around.
Finished projects always makes for great blogging.

Ps. please note the gorgeous piece of jewelry on my arm. Beautiful? Yeah, I know.