Window Panes.

Saturday, August 6, 2011
I've wanted to find myself some vintage window panes for a long time now.
These little buggers are so hard to find!
And when I have run across some, they were either glass-less, completely out of my price range, or both.

On our St. George adventure earlier this week we went to a bunch of antique stores and as I was walking out of one with nothing in my hands, the lady asked what I was looking for.
I kinda said, "Ohhh nothing really, I'm not a real collector yet... I just like to look... butttttt do you have any window panes?"
Smooooooth, real smooth I know.
Her face lit up and said, "As a matter of fact, my dad owns this place, and he has sheds full of stuff on the property and I happen to know he just brought some window panes."
I was excited, I may have jumped up and down and sang a hallelujah chorus.
He was the CUTEST old man, after I paid him he said, "Nice! Now I have $25 bucks to go spend at another yard sale!"

They may not look like much, but they are so sweet.
They're a cute sea-green and dirt color.
I'm thinking about removing the dirt and keeping the color, because I think it's charming.
Or I may just paint them altogether.
They're from an old train depot in Wyoming.
They have rusted window locks on them which are probably my FAVORITE part.
A little elbow grease and they will be so adorable!!