Stenciled {finally finished} sofa tables.

Friday, August 26, 2011
Sometimes in life, you have to learn to live with what ya got. Well in my case- even if I had the option to have whatever I wanted + an bottomless bank account I think I'd still refinish the furniture I already have or buy thrifted and refinish pieces.
I think it's so lovely to repurpose, refinish, and reuse whenever possible. With a little imagination you can transform something mediocre into something fabulous.

I bought these tables when I was a teenager semi-forever ago as bed side tables, and they were just plain white.
Well years later they're still hangin' around our little house but are now used as sofa tables.
I've been working on refinishing them for. ever. Bet most of you forgot about them! I had finished painting the tables a long time ago, and just couldn't figure out what I they needed to feel "finished".
Then I ran into some stencils and knew that's just what my little tables needed! Oh, Martha Stewart... I love you! You always know just what I'm thinking.

PS- what I love most is the circle design on the legs repeated in the stencil.
PPS- sorry I'm lame and took these with my phone... I am having far too lazy of a day to get out my good camera to take better pictures.

I'm linking these up here as part of her weekly challenge.


AnnaBee said...

The stencil really WAS a perfect fit! Love it, Jenna. Great job!

Kendra said...

super cute!

okay I am going to stop leaving comments now so you don't think I am some weirdo! :)

Just been reading your last few blog posts! :)