Monday, August 29, 2011

My momma's birthday was on Sunday. We had a fun little day. Her birthday was Sunday, and she typically makes dinner every single Sunday for all of the kids. { A lot of times it's the best meal my husband eats all week. } So on her special day, I took the load and made my mom's dinner of choice, and some yummy pie because that's what she wanted instead of cake. Sweet & Sour Chicken and Banana Creme Pie. She's easy to please. Remember when I shared this recipe? Well I made the chunky monkey version and OMG! It was so tastey. Lucky me I have leftovers in my fridge!

She got her own Heartstring necklace by Lisa Leonard. Also she got some kitchen accessories from Pier One. { I may just have bought myself the same ones and I just LOVE them }She got other things too, but I only took pictures of what I gave her. Maha.

My momma is one of my very best friends. We do so much together. Mostly we just dream of beautiful houses filled with beautiful furniture, she's my craft consultant {she has lots of handy knowledge}, she has impeccable taste, she's my Gracie's FAVORITE babysitter, plus she taught me how to shop till I drop. What more could a girl ask for in a Mom? Oh yeah, she is also filled with lots of good mom-advice on how to keep my child alive & happy. 

Happy Birthday Mom! We love ya!