Things I love: Photography

Monday, August 1, 2011
I remember the day that I got my own very first camera.
Our family was taking a trip to Yellowstone National Park and my Mom gave each of the kids their own disposable camera to carry with them so we could each capture our own memories.
I was so excited!
I took pictures of buffalo, hot pots, geysers, trees, random rocks, and lots of things that I don't really know what I was trying to take a picture of.
I was so eager to turn in my camera and get my photos developed to see my snap shots.
I loved it.
I wasn't any good, don't get me wrong... but it was the best thing ever!

After that I always begged my mom to buy me more disposable cameras.
Silly I know. Annoying? Probably.

Technology got better and our family got our very first digital camera.
I used to sneak in my parents room and "borrow" it for photoshoots of... myself!
{ Vain young girl that I was }
I put the camera on a timer, set it on a table, and ran to pose.
I would just spend hours in the bathroom taking the infamous bathroom mirror poses.
{ Super vain I know I know }

I remember when I got given MY OWN point and shoot digital camera.
I took it EVERY where with me.
My friends and I would have random photo shoots... in public even!

I took two photography classes in highschool and learned a lot.
Not saying that I remember hardly ANY of it.
But I do remember how fun it was to develop my own film in the dark room and see my shots come to life.

Now I am an iPhoto junkie.
I just snap shots on my phone... but I'm ready to continue my long time love.
Maybe even become skilled in photography.
I just got this new little guy.
I love pictures. I love the moments they capture.
I want to have lots of pictures to look back on the days when we were young and in love, raising our kids, and sharing so much love, fun, and laughter.

I'm excited to read this e-book by Kristen Duke Photography.

I heard it's great.
I love her work and how she uses beautiful natural light to get GORGEOUS pictures.
Maybe if I read her book I will somehow channel her inner genius phtographer skills and get some pretty shots of my own!