{Insta} Friday Busy as a bee.

Thursday, September 22, 2011
Hey friends! Well here we are again.
This week has been a busy one! I think I say that every week. But really, the weeks are getting out of control. I blink &they're done.

Here are some of the highlights from this week:

I cut my hair last Saturday. It was rather long and I needed a change. I'm absolutely lovin' it! I feel so much sassier &fun.

Becoming the master crawler. She get's around &into everything! My poor house.

Looloo loves lemons. Seriously. My mom says I'm torturing her, but she sucks them dry and bites all the pulp off. She doesn't even squint. I give them to her after meals. I figure it's a good source of Vitamin C not to mention a refreshing palate cleanser. Ha ha.

I made some super yummy homemade pizza. I used the breadstick recipe from Our Best Bites as the crust. We did fresh pesto for the sauce with fresh mozzarella & tomato slices. Yum.

I've made a few of these this week for the upcoming shop. They're hair clips/lapel pins. I love them.

Naps this week have been tough. Ever since she started crawling really good she just wants to go go go &not rest! It's killin me!

Speaking of nap time. I saw this the other day. It made me laugh because of our nap time struggles. It kind looks like her crib is her prison cell. Oh that girl.

We had a little family park day on Monday evening. Grace rode the swings for her first time. She loved it!

Daddy & Grace. My whole world in a snapshot.

I got a lot of requests for the recipe I used to make this Rosemary & Herb Focaccia last week. {Here} it is.

My daughter was just especially cute I guess-- almost every picture is of her! She is just getting too dang big. She turned 9 months! I can't believe it! This time last year husband and I were saying how we couldn't even imagine life with a baby and here we are. Now we can't imagine life without her. Funny how that happens!


Lauren said...

My insta-friday post looks the same. How could you not post such adorable pics of such an adorable baby? Makes a great post to send to the grandparents. Stopping by from Insta-Friday!

Tiffany said...

Super cute blog! Found you via InstaFriday! Your baby girl is a doll and your haircut IS sassy. I too cannot imagine life without my babies. It's probably because we are sleep deprived! Hah!
Tiffany @ mipancitagarcia.blogspot.com

Anna said...

I have a Grace, too. <3 and will definitely check that recipe out! thanks! :)