Introducing the Etsy Store {Paddington Way}

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
If you are looking for lovenotes. Well... you are here. BUT I am changing the name to go along with my new Etsy shop. I haven't changed the URL yet... but it's coming! I will remind everyone plenty of times before I actually make the switch so don't worry!

I am so excited for this! I have been dreaming of opening my own little Etsy shop for a year now. And we are finally ready for it! For the next 2 weeks I am going to be highlighting pieces that will be in the shop. After that, the shop [ virtual ] doors will open! 

I am in love with what I have chosen as the name for this shop.

The street I grew up on as a kid was named...  you guessed it. 
Paddington Way.
My family had SO many happy &wonderful memories on that street. It was a good neighborhood with lots of fun neighborhood kids. We played, we laughed, we grew together as a family. I lived there the longest out of any home. My family has changed so much since we lived on that street, we live in different states, each of us are beginning to have our own families now. I often think back to the time we spent in that house on that street &all the happiness that was shared there.
It holds a special place in my heart &now I get to share it with the world!
Okay, well the world- maybe eventually.
But for now just my blog world &that is PLENTY good enough for me.
So stay tuned this week as I get to share some of the lovelies that will be in  my shop.