{Insta} Friday: Take Two

Thursday, September 8, 2011
This week has been so crazy I'm a little glad it's over!
Okay, way glad.
On the up side there has been a lot of creating going on over here for the big Etsy store opening that I'm working so hard on. It's going to be good my friends. I'm going to be giving an intro to it [ hopefully ] next week and then there's going to be some BIG makeovers going on up in here! Whoo hoo!
CH- CH- Changes. Love them!

Alright, so here are some tidbits of our week:

I love these burp cloths I make.  There are SO good for baby mess & fabulous gifts.  Some luckies had new babies and got some of them this week. Like I said, luckies.

 Fall may now commence because I got my fall scents from Bath&Body Works. Mmm... my house smells SO good. They have a lot of new scents like SMORES! Yep, I bought it. I haven't tried it yet- I'll let you know.

 For Labor Day I packed a picnic lunch &we headed up to the mountains. It definitely poured rain and was 55 degrees-- yuck! We came home and played card games indoors.

This girl cracks me up. She fell asleep in her carseat still chewing on her teether.

I made this pillow from a stencil and I LOVE IT! I'm thinking about adding these to the shop- if my sanity can handle all that fabric measuring &cutting.

I made a new fall wreath. Check the tutorial out here.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of our week! 

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The Morris Family said...

I have seen those plug in things....would like to know if they work well??? I love fall smells!!!

abi said...

The wreath looks great - nice colors.

Danna said...

I love love love the wreath! I am going to try to make one. The pic of your daughter falling asleep in the car is darling!
Have a good weekend!

Lauren said...

I adore that wreath! Beautiful :)

jessica dukes said...

Love the wreath! Love love love it. Happy weekend!

our story said...

The wreath is cute!

Bart, Erin, Hunter, Jorden and a dog named Jackson said...

LOVE those flower on the wreath!

Mandy said...

cute little girl! love the pillow and wreath!

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

Your little girl is precious!! Love that wreath too. I need to make a fall one, so I'll be taking some inspiration from yours! I'm jealous that you got to experience 55 degrees & rain... haha!
New follower from Life. Rearranged. Can't wait to check out your new Etsy shop. Congrats!

Becca at One Girl said...

Beautiful wreath! I love everything about fall - and the smell of smores in your house! I think I would be constantly hungry :)

Flor said...

Looks like I need to stop by Bath & Body works soon. The problem with those yummy smelling plug ins is that they make me hungry all day! lol :)
I just love that picture of your daughter sleeping with the teether.. so precious.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun week. Love your wreath. Very cool. My iphone shots are here. http://naptimemomtog.com/photography/iphonography/

Denissa said...

Love the wreath! And your baby girl is precious!! :)