Just got to have some faith.

Thursday, September 15, 2011
I think I've lost my head.
No really, it's gone. I need a search party to find it.
I know I just need to be positive- not get over whelmed- take a few deep breaths.
But I feel a little like I'm drowning.

1- Opening a business is hard. I mean I thought I would just take a few pictures, upload online, and hey I'm done. Okay- NO! That is not how it goes. I start thinking about packaging, up keeping stock, and the ever so awful bug in my ear- "you can't do this! this stuff isn't even good." GO away you little bug. Ugh. And with the below list- I am thinking it's going to be longer than I thought before it takes off. Because I'm a little under water at the moment. 
I've been working so hard, staying up late, working every spare moment I have in the day. And this week my husband getting sick with the flu, I found myself annoyed that he couldn't just help me  around the house with the chores even if he is feeling not well- it hit me, this quote I keep thinking:

Source: google.com via Jenna on Pinterest

My little family just needs some extra lovin' lately. I am going to slow down, take a little more time [which is not even a big deal]. I love handmade &I want to share my love with everyone which is why I want to start this business. But I still want to enjoy my family &the wonderful life I have. So it may be a few weeks until my shop officially opens. 

2- My husband lost his job like 3 months ago. He got another seasonal temporary job, but it pays way less. [Ouch, I hate to admit that out loud but I realize we are in the same boat as so many other people.] I know he will get a good job again, I know his career will get on track. It breaks my heart to see him going to work each day not doing something he absolutely loves. It's hard to wait, but I have faith that we will be okay. 

3- My baby is teething &my husband is sick. My husband is one of those awesome ones. He's always such an amazing help with the baby and it's hard when he's out of it because then it's just me. Some say that it takes a village to raise a child- well I don't know about that... but I sure do need my other half.

4- We are moving! To where- we aren't sure of yet! Spencer is waiting on a few different jobs. But more than likely it's going to be to Arizona and it's going to be a quick move- we're talking within weeks. My house is a mess, there are beginnings of boxes everywhere. I have so much difficulty operating in chaos. I need to learn to just let go.

5- Our ONE bedroom apartment that we were supposed to move out of 6 months ago gets smaller by the day. It is very well put together and organized [typically just not when we're packing] but the walls enclose in on me more and more each day. Grace knows that Mommy and Daddy sleep across the room from her and she pokes her little head up and cries in our direction to come get her out. That little girl. We need to move &quick!

Source: tumblr.com via Jenna on Pinterest

I know sometimes I exaggerate and make things FAR more dramatic than they have to be. I believe I've been a good sport considering all that is going on. I know one day all of this will be so silly. Our family will be settled. Spencer will have the career of his dreams. &My kids will be far away from me and I will be yearning to have them sleeping right where I can see them.


Megan said...

Hey there miss. Sounds like life is handing you a bowl full of stress with a side of overwhelming. Just remeber: you are amazing. And you've got an amazing family. Hang in there. and P.S. I can't believe you're moving even further away! I hope it will be a good move for you guys though! It'll be nice to not be in limbo, i'm sure! Hang on, believe in yourself, and know how much people love you to death and want you to succeed. You guys will do great. Oh yah, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Seriously.

Kendra said...

Hi! My name is kendra and I just found your blog! LOVE it, no seriously! We have a lot in common...

Having a handmade shop is a lot of work, especially to get set up at first! But you can do it!

I love your about page how you said you were born with the need to create. Yep, totally with you on that! :)

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Awww! I loooove that first saying! I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing it! Foundya on The Wiegands!