{Insta} Friday

Thursday, September 1, 2011
I've been SUPER wanting to join this party but I've always forgotten on Fridays [ since Friday is typically fun day around here ] and Insta-Saturday doesn't have quite a ring to it.
[Oh? It's still Thursday? To me it is Friday because the babe is fast asleep and so is husband so I deem Thursday OVER-- Friday may begin.]

So this week is my first, many to come I'm sure.
Here is a little of what our week looked like in pictures:

I love that Grace is old enough to play & giggle with me. 
But all the laughs & fun makes for one tired baby.

Grace had a Dr. appt and this is how Daddy kept her entertained. Baby's got swag.

Teething. End. Of. Story.

I am so proud of my finished stenciled end tables. Love them.

I made a little flower pin for my pillow. I love fabric flowers. 

I'm not just a headband maker anymore- I'm going to be making clips too!
One step closer to my dream of opening my own shop! Excited!!

These two books I've been reading A LOT of this week.
I picked up Simple Country Wisdom at Joanns. It has seriously SO MANY helpful household tips & tricks to make your home just a little more special. Some of my favorite were on cleaning your house with more natural products instead of all the chemical junk these methods that are tried and true.
Our Best Bites. Need I say more? Yum.

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Happy holiday weekend!


Crystal said...

Stopping over from Life Rearranged. Cute pictures! I have a little Gracie girl too :) I love that you are going to make bows - something I have always wanted to learn. It can't be that hard, right? I'm sure it would save me a small fortune!

jessica dukes said...

happy friday, your little grace is a pretty little sweet girl. :-) love the flower for the pillow. love.

Anonymous said...

That flower pin on your pillow is so pretty! And that's so exciting you're Making clips too! Can't wait til you start a shop and I can check it out! And your little in the exersaucer is too funny!! The whole pose is too cute- a little drama queenesque hehe

The Morris Family said...

i am saying.....she is Adorable!!!!

enjoyed looking at all your pictures!!!

Danna said...

Your little one is precious!
I love the fabric flower, I am such a fan. Your table is darling!
Stopping by from Life.rearranged.

amy d said...

baby got swag...too cute!
love those end tables too.
happy long weekend!

Anna said...

{stopping by from Life Rearranged!}

LOVE that stenciled end table!! WOW! SOOO CUTE!!! Tell us how you did that!

It's all cute, actually - the flower pin, the hair bow - your daughter! (I have a Grace, too! <3)

Love your blog. going to go look at how to become a follower right now! :D

Color Land said...

Visiting from Life rearranged!
Lovely photos, your baby girl is so cute!
Happy long weekend!

Calla said...

Looks like we are teething together.... Your little girl is just a doll!!! :)