DIY: Repurposing baby food jars

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
If you have a little babe, then you have a bajillion baby food jars.
Ever since I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to replicate it.

I used tintable chalkboard paint in Raspberry.
I have a lot of aqua and turquoise around my house so I thought it went nicely.
I don't keep my jars in a drawer so I altered the idea to my needs.
I did a band of chalkboard paint so I could write around the jar instead of just lids.
I also painted the lids with the chalkboard paint just in case I want to write on the lids in the future.
These are so great because they stack beautifully, taking up half the space in your cupboards.



Bailey and Chris said...

That idea is so cute! I'm going to have to tell my friend about this! said...

Love this idea! I'm wondering if you've ever heard of a chalk pen? I bought jars from Ikea and added chalkboard labels and found that the writing looks much crisper using the pen. Also the chalkboard pen does not rub off like a regular piece of chalk. And best part is that it does come off with a wet rag if you want to change it. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby and love it!