We're moving!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
We found out officially that we're MOVING! To Arizona!
What a new adventure is coming our way!

I just made an announcement about my shop, Paddington Way. But don't worry we're still going to open! But I'm postponing it until we get in and settled. Probably just a few more weeks. I know, it's so hard for me to wait any longer! 
The day that I made the announcement was the day my husband got his new job. They want him there ASAP.
We have a little crazy going on while we try our best to get to a whole new city!

I went to go pick up boxes and it didn't even cross my mind how I would fit them + baby in my car.
Typical woman.
This cute old man saw me struggling in the parking lot and came on over to help.
He carried them to my car, and then he helped me try to maneuver them into the back of my little sudan.
It was like 100+ degrees outside, I was sweating, baby was hungry.
Then the guy with the BMW sport scar I was parked next to came out, clearly we were blocking the way to his door, so he decided to chime in and be the director of the whole situation.
It was this HUGE ordeal outside of Home Depot.

Oh well, at least Grace looked cute that day.


lori said...

haha! what a sweet old man and that baby girl of yours is precious!

your blog is super cute- now following :)