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Thursday, October 13, 2011
I am SO stoked to be back my friends.
I missed this bloggy world, and all you bloggy friends of mine.
We are all moved in and nearly settled in our new home in Arizona.
We are lovin' our new hood. As soon as we pulled up with our U-haul there was immediately all these neighbors around to unpack it. This neighborhood is so great! There are kids playing in the streets, and people wave to each other! Imagine that. Being the Las Vegan that I am- I still kinda look at them weird when I get a wave driving down the street. I'm still adjusting. Ha ha.

Compared to where we used to live, you could say that we moved out to the country. I thought I was a city girl to the core but honestly there is just no comparison to the wildflowers, the farms, the stars, clean air, and slower pace. They are so good for my soul.

This is kind of a long post, we've had a very eventful few weeks since my last post. 

Before we left Vegas we went to some of our very favorite places around town for our last hoo-rah.
Stop numero uno was our favorite sushi place that Spenc took me too on our very first date.
The babe crashed our date night, but it was okay she's too darn cute.

Strawberry mochi at said sushi place.

We also went to our very favorite Italian deli that serves the most delicious pizza [ps it's all you can eat too... can you say SCORE!]
It's kind of sad that when we were coming up with our favorite places to go to one last time they were ALL food places.
If that doesn't say something about us, I don't know what does.
These pizza slices are HUGE and THIN and perfect cheese-to-sauce-ratio.
Okay, enough about food.

We had a humungous U-haul mishap that left us stranded in a teeny town for a few hours. Let's just say that almost all our furniture was broken when we got here. Not too fun at all... but hello furniture shopping! I love all my new stuff... but I still  miss the old. Like the first couch we bought as husband and wife.

Ikea greeted us the morning after we moved with a shopping sesh &FREE breakfast. I think it's safe to say Ikea is my new home away from home. Seriously, I love it there.

I am so glad I caught grace sleeping in the car like this. I about died laughing.

The inside of my new Ikea dressers have yellow stripes. I am a little obsessed. Is it weird to show all my house visitors inside my new dresser drawers?

Packing and unpacking your whole closet opens your eyes. I realized that I have a serious lack of variation in my wardrobe. I like what I like.

Moving here I was introduced to the most wonderful phenomenon. Super Targets. All the Target goodness I love + groceries. Serious one stop shopping right there. Love it. Ps- they play rockin' music in the parking lot too. 

It was about time I invest in one of these babies. Every time I walk by my closet I smile at my shoes. Now that they are all pretty organized and color coded on their own little rack, they smile back.

Moving causes gargantuan to-do lists. This number system really works though.

I have my own mom cave in this house. Coming up with ideas to make it beautiful and inspiring is one of the most fun things ever. Seriously it's going to be so pretty! This is the color scheme I came up with. I can't wait to finish it! Ps- that yellow is going to be my DESK!

I'm on a white kick. White, airy, and fresh goodness is all over this new house! White gloss spray paint is super awesome... it's probably one of my new very favorite things. Well just spray paint in general because it's such a cinch.

Last but not least, moving is a tough gig. I recommend good snacks. 

I can't wait to share our new digs with you guys! & my little hand made boutique, Paddington Way is going to get off the ground here in a little too. For real this time because we are done moving for a good while. We have some exciting things ahead of us!

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hannah singer said...

um, i somehow commented on another post about THIS post;)

anyway, love your blog!

A Sharing Lettuce said...

I moved almost 7 months ago and I think you're probably way ahead of me on the to do list! Love the white frames! I have a bunch in my garage that need spray painting if I can ever find the time! Loved the pics.

Nicole [The Lovely Poppy] said...

what a beautiful little girl- I'm hosting a huge giveaway over at my blog and she would look pretty cute with some of the headbands :-) http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So glad you arrived safely in Arizona! Yeah for a fun neighborhood. Sorry about your furniture...but, that is kinda fun you get new stuff :)

Anna said...

totally can't wait to see the paint!!! love that color scheme! and, I, too, love the yellow stripes and would also be showing everyone who walked in! :)

caitlin said...

That shoe rack is to die for!