Want a little peak into our new house?

Friday, October 14, 2011
Well, we've lived in our new home ONE whole week.
It seems like so much longer. In a good way of course! But then I look around and see all the undone-ness and I have to remind the perfectionist inside myself that it's only been a week!
It's coming together so great though.
This house has an excellent floor plan. Open. Airy. Bay windows. Everything..
With the blinds open &all that daylight pouring in I get so  many ideas how I'm going to spruce it up to my liking.

Here are a few peaks because I know some of you are itching to see.
They are just little peaks of the decor that I've done so far.
Super little.

I found these owl door stops at The World Market for only $10 and I just love them as book ends. I'm thinking about painting them because they blend with the dark shelves but they are adorable.

This is the centerpiece on our HUGE kitchen island. These candlesticks I showed before that I had white washed them but I just wanted them to be a little more polished so they got a dose of white gloss spray paint. I love the little apples on top. That one apple in front fell off &got a little bruised on its side there. Whoops.
 You can kinda see behind the candlesticks that our kitchen opens up to our family room. I love the open layout. Feels so cozy &warm.

We bought his &hers dressers at Ikea. My husbands is on the other side of the bathroom entry archway. Whenever I decorate I gather the things I'd like to use &then look at the way they all go together for a few days until I decide what to keep &what to reposition somewhere else. This is my gathering so far of pretty white &silver goodness.

I saved the best for last. 
This is the den right off the entry that is going to be my woman cave. Right now it's a disaster, that dresser is kinda sitting in the middle of the room not even up against a wall right now making it look a lot smaller than it is. I'm using our old dresser as my credenza &working on refinishing my garage sale desk here soon. 
That rug I found at the world market also. It's sessile so it's super durable.
I'm still looking for an organization armoire of some sort &a good working surface. I'm probably most excited about this room.

Okay, so it was just a teeny peak but it'll hold you over until I get at least a whole room finished.


lori said...

yay for a new house! my hubby and i are moving at the end of the month and i am super excited to decorate and make it ours! i so want a woman cave....

Jamie said...

oooh jealousy with this room girl...jealousy!

Betsy said...

I am loving the idea of the WOMAN CAVE!!! I can't wait to see it when it is done!!! You are such a great decorator!!!!!

dana @ wonder forest said...

oOOoo can't wait to see the woman cave!
thanks for linking up on my blog today!
xo dana