Photo Challenge Week 1.

Friday, January 6, 2012
I have loved being a part of this Photo Challenge. You can learn more & join in here.
It is a lot of fun and I think at the end of it the documenting of every day life that will have happened will be amazing to look back on one day.
So here we go, week 1.

A photo of yourself. 
I've kinda been bumming it a lot this week working on refinishing some furniture. 

Yes, I had peppermint hot chocolate with lots of whip cream for breakfast. It was amazing too. I'd do it again, heck I probably will tomorrow.

My boring old mailbox.
I love mail. I especially love magazine mail day.

Something that I adore.
I adore my wedding ring yes, but I adore what it means and stands for even more.

Something I wore.
A little piece of my outfit when we went out to dinner with some girls from church.

And today is something that makes me smile.
I had a lot of big plans for what I would snap a picture of today but then this morning I found Gracie on the floor in her room with a book reading it.
Well she's only 1 so I'm not sure how much reading was going on but it was tres cute.
Sorry it's a dark one her room blinds were still shut.


wHiT said...

I love the comment of about your ring. I was thinking the exact same thing on my drive to work this morning. Check out my post on my ring too if you have a chance! :)


Jessica @ jessicaNdesigns said...

Thanks so much for linking up!!! I love your post! Love the pic of your baby reading ...Can't wait to see more pics in the weeks to come!

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

I'm from the UK and found your blog by chance- its great and I am now following you. Our daughters are the same age- yours was born on my wedding anniversary the 20th December and mine was born on the 24th December! Looking forward to reading more about you and you little family. x

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Love this post!! Nice to meet you, I'm your newest follower :)

Lani said...

Looks like a great first week! We had too of the same pics, My ring makes me smile and I have Peppermint coco for breakfast too!!