When momma is down and out...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Oh friends, I am so not a complainer but I am so sick.
I don't even know what I have to make things even better.
I thought I was getting strep, lost my voice [still don't have it actually], fever, and then yesterday I almost felt better... until I woke up this morning and was just exhausted, sick to my stomach, and threw up.
Wtheck?! Undiagnosable.

My daughter has pretty much had free reign of the house for the last two days with my husband working all day and me so out of the loopy loop.
I swear every time I turn around there's more mess that I have no idea how it got there.
My 1 year old has been busy, having lots of fun with no boundaries I'm sure.

Dirty dishes multiply mysteriously somehow because I haven't even eaten anything.

 Toys are not just not picked up, they are out of their bins all over and have claimed our house as their own.

Messy unmade beds.

Laundry is reproducing rapidly too. I don't even know how because I've only worn sweats for the last 5 days. Laundry has secret powers... it'll always be a mystery to me.

 Ah yes, and the christmas tree is still up. The crowning glory.

Did I mention that we're having a house full of guests over the weekend.
I told you it just keeps getting better.


Amb & Dev said...

Feel better Jenna! Wish I was there to help and play with girlfriend! Hang in there.