Days with my munchkin.

Thursday, April 26, 2012
A long day of repeatedly cleaning up messes, yelling no, and trying to keep my composure all at the same time. Then I catch my little standing at our front door and window yelling, "Hi!" to kids walking by.

And destroying playing in the curtains.

That's what I love most about being a mom, just when you think your day has gone to heck, and every moment inches you closer to your breaking point... right then your kid decides to be the cutest child on the planet for a second and all the bad from that day just doesn't exist anymore.

Once that monstrosity of a day makes it's exit, you can start appreciate little things again like your baby running to you with open arms, or playing peek-a-boo around a corner from the other room, or freshly painted matching sparkly toes.

Being a mom is a good kind of tough, and no matter what is always great.