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Friday, April 20, 2012
Continuing from my post yesterday on Salvage Shopping, I thought I would show you the few things I picked up & give you maybe a few tips that will help you on your vintage quests. A few of you have asked how I keep my head on straight when surrounded by SO many things I love. Well, when I'm on pretty things overload, there are 3 major things I try to remember when deciding whether or not that pretty thing belongs in my house or not.

1. Remember your budget. Before I go shopping I usually figure out how much I have to spend that day. It's important to do that before because when you see that amazing rare antique fill in the blank here that you always wanted with the price tag of $300, it's SO easy to get wrapped up in the moment and just BUY it. 

2. Look for statement pieces. Know what style you are going for, whether it be found, shabby chic, or industrial, and look for large pieces that really bring out that style. Bunches of little things are pretty, but you would be amazed how much a vintage metal or wood crate, or big graphic art piece will impact the room and bring the look you desire. I try to look for things that will bring visual and textural interest most and then fill in with other things later.

3. Know where it's going before you take it home. Clutter gives me hives, having things lying around that don't have a home do too, so when I see something I really love I always figure out where it's going to go before I buy it so I can control my hive breakouts if ya know what I mean. I am a sucker for pretty chairs, well worn wood crates, and dang vintage aqua mason jars but if I don't have a specific purpose for them I let them go. They are really easy to find anyways and they will be around next time I'm looking for them.

Keep those things in mind and you'll be golden. 

Here are the things I picked up yesterday that I REALLY love.
Vintage stop sign. I loved the color and had NEVER seen one grey & white before. 

Antique dining chairs. 
My new breakfast nook table that I picked up at a flea market a few weeks ago is dainty and the legs on it are my favorite part so I didn't want to hide them with chunky chairs. I found these two sweet chairs that happen to be the perfect wood shade in my opinion. For the other side of the table I think I'm going to build a farmhouse style bench in the near future.

Vintage wrought iron stand. 
I really don't know what this was meant for originally, or if it was always meant to be a jewelry stand, but I saw it and knew I NEEDED it. I could never find a jewelry stand tall enough for the long necklaces I think every one has these days. It's perfect and all my necklaces are untangled and SO happy.


Amanda said...

Great finds! I love the new chairs with the table.

Mariana said...

Love your finds!!

p.s. - My parents have (6) same looking chairs and I looove them!!