Hoe Down.

Thursday, June 7, 2012
I serve as an Activity Days leader for my church. We plan activities for the 10-11 year old girls that help develop their talents and teach them a lot about their own self worth.
I. love. my. calling.
This week we had a Father- Daughter Hoe Down for all the girls and their dads 8-11. 

I really loved how the decorations turned out. Here are just a few snapshots:

I totally forgot to take a picture of the awesome photo booth that Molly made. Dangit. It was pretty legit. We had each of the girls pose with their dads, and mustaches. They turned out pretty hilarious.

We had an array of mason jars to use as glasses at each table with chalkboard labels on them so that they could claim their cup. Not to mention real life wildflowers on every table that were picked from a vacant lot near where we live.

A little bit of the food table.

The dessert table was just as pretty.

The pictures I swear don't do it justice. The gym was transformed and SO awesome. It was so much fun to see the girls having a special night with their dads having a total blast line dancing, and cowboy relay racing.