Vintage Dresser Redo.

Thursday, December 27, 2012
My husband & I bought this dresser as part of a bedroom set off Craigslist when we were first married. Back before vintage dressers were all the rage, we're trendsetters like that, yo. 

My sweet husband spray painted this dresser out on the patio of our apartment for me. I know, GASP! We were young & didn't know much about furniture refinishing... it might be a cardinal sin in my world today but hey, it got the job done. All you girls who have come to my furniture classes pretend you never read this paragraph... haha. 

Here is what it looked like before, spray painted-zebra stripey & all. 

 I lived with it for a LONG while just like that.

I've used this piece as a dresser, a buffet, and now it holds our TV. Now that I look at it for hours while I watch TV. [ahem, not that I have been watching endless hours of Pretty Little Liars & Army Wives lately or anything...]

Anyways, I've wanted to paint the inside recesses a different color for a long time to spice it up. I was afraid though, one day... I just did it.

The inside color is Seaglass by Martha Stewart for Home Depot. One of my very favorite colors! 

I really love the amount of personality & dose of color it adds to our family room. 

I always liked this piece, but now I can say that I really love it. It was so ridiculous that it took me THAT long to talk myself into adding a teeny amount of PAINT. I can always paint over it if I get tired of it one day.


meg said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i love it! love that paint color, too!