We ran away to Vegas...

Monday, March 11, 2013
Except it's not as cool as it sounds because that's where we're from... so really we just went home [that title is much less cool.] We hadn't been back in almost a year! That's insane! But Arizona is SO our home that I kind of forget we've only lived here for 18 months.

Anyways, my little brother is preparing to serve his mission for the LDS church in Birmingham, Alabama! I'm a little jealous... I've always wanted to go to the South. 

So proud of him for choosing to go on a mission! 

It's pretty clear which one is NOT a Whittaker boy. [That would be my very tall husband on the left]

On another note, I'm working on my $500 family room makeover. I haven't found the right curtains yet... I'll probably just end up sewing something. Can't wait to show you! 


Rachel Novline Ekman said...

I didn't know Sean was going to Birmingham! My Scroggins grandparents live there and hang out with lots of the missionaries -- Olson and Novline. Good luck to him!