Functional and small office nook.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Since moving into our house almost a year ago it's been a game of musical rooms. 
Our house isn't HUGE so I have to find ways to get the greatest amount of use and functionality out of every square inch. 
And I have two little curious children on my hands so emphasis on functionality.
And workability. 

I had my desk tucked into the guest room but I found that I needed to work more than when the kids were asleep, so I moved my desk out of there and put it smack dab in our family room. 
I can work and watch them play at the same time.

This space felt like an outlaw and cramped... so I put my designer brain on... resisted the urge to move the desk out... and took a little trip to Homegoods on the hunt for a large mirror to make the space feel bigger, and more like it belonged.
Ta-da. Homegoods always has my back.

So.. I came home, hung it up.. did what any good blogger does when they hang something on the wall... I took some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I picked up this Threshold desk from Target a few months ago, I love it.

I found this vintage chair, I plan on painting it up with some Miss Mustard Seed Milkpaint, but I can't decide on a color... so there it sits in its yellowy oak glory. 

It's kind of an unconventional space for a desk, but I'm keeping it real. I think real people have kids that fill the rooms in their houses and don't have a great office space.
So there it is.

And to get an idea of where it is in our family room... and just how small of a space I'm working with.

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R @ Rebecca's Roundup said...

I love this! I just did the exact same thing... for the exact same reasons! And I stewed and stewed over it because we also have a small living room and I was worried I was trying to get too much into one space, but it was such a good decision. Now I can use the computer and pay bills while still being right there with my kiddos, or having a quiet minute while they're in their rooms. Thanks for sharing, it looks beautiful!

Nicki said...

I love every piece in your office. It seems like a great addition to your family room. I just might squeeze in an office in my family room now-you've inspired me :)

Kristina @ My Own Home Blog said...

I'm really loving your blog today! You're style is perfect, I love the simple and clean lines of the office! :)

Unknown said...

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