A classic & fresh master bathroom.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Our home has a lot of great things about it, and we have been slowly making it our own. 
Lately, the bathrooms have been on my mind because they remain pretty builder grade and boring. Before I start any project, especially large scale and pricey I like to research products and figure out what is out there.
I found a great website called Modern Bath. On their website they pretty much have everything you could dream up for a Kitchen or Bathroom redesign. It was a lot of fun looking through their website and put together pieces I would love in our own master bathroom.

I don't really like a lot going on in bathrooms, I think they should always feel fresh and clean.
So a light & crisp color palette is very important in my world.
I love fresh mixed with classics, all the hardware I chose are very classic and pretty.
I've been dying over these widespread style faucets that are all the rage right now. Even if they weren't trendy I would still love them because their nod to vintage, farmhouse style, and classic charm.
Best of all worlds? I think I found it... in a faucet.