Shared Boy & Girl Room Inspiration

Friday, September 5, 2014
Right after I finally got in the groove for Grace's room, and posted about it. She started BEGGING me to let her share rooms with her baby brother. I was really hesitant at first, a toddler + a  baby in the same room... EEK. Plus, I thought I was going to have to kiss cute rooms for the both of them goodbye.

You can see Grace's room here
And Hudson's room here

Anyways, I realized that she REALLY genuinely wanted to share a room with her brother because she loved him SO much. One day she came to me and said, "Mom, I don't care if my room has flowers, I just want to share it with my brother."
How could I say no to that.

Before taking the plunge I had a couple test nights. But after the first excitement filled night, I found that they slept BETTER together. Weird right?
I'm getting a bonified office out of this, and I found out my kids love each other in MASS amounts... even more than I thought. Winning all around.

I have already begun the decor change, but I thought I would share my inspiration board with you because it's REALLY hard to find cute ideas for a shared gender kid space.
And because I really like the direction it's heading. 
It's very neutral which is good for my decorator whims that are bound to happen. I did add just a little bit of color added with the turquoise accent fabrics I plan to bring in through pillows and perhaps a few other ways.
I actually have two matching vintage spindle beds like the ones from my inspiration picture. 
Right now the baby is still in a crib, so eventually he will have the bedding shown.
The bedding is from Ikea.
The art is Lindsay Letters.
The rug is Urban Outfitters.
The pendant is Ikea.
The fabrics are from
And the cute little dollies are handmade from Cotton Candy Dollies here in Arizona. I'm actually collaborating with the owner of this shop for a FUN project in the next couple weeks.

Of course there will be a few DIY projects mixed in because I can't help myself.