Finally it's an update! & a blog crush.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
I've been missing lately. MIA in the bloggy world, my favorite world of all!
 I've come down with summer lazy-haziness. You know how it goes, the heat comes, the days blur, pools constantly call your name, the sleepiness gets ya... it's been the typical scene for us.
Add a little almost 7 month old and that's the world I've been lost in.
It's a fabulous world let me just tell ya!

I have a wonderful blog to share with you. This is a good one folks.
Ashley is probably one of the cutest moms ever, and her little boy is so precious!
We live almost parallel lives I feel... we both have little ones, we both have joys and woes of being young mothers.
Except of course she does it all in much cuter outfits than me, she's much more clever, and everything she makes is gorgeous.
 Okay, so our lives aren't so parrallel. But I still like to think they are.
Here she is: Little Miss Momma.
I told you she was cute.
And she just unveiled her craft room, and I have some serious room envy.
I love all the bright colors! and the furniture she refinished in fabulous colors by Martha Stewart.
I've been wrapped up in her blog reading through her past posts for the last few days, staying up WAYYY past my bed time.
I don't even know her and I feel like we are already friends. Best friends in fact. 
Not to mention she makes some super adorable things and sells them on etsy!

To browse her shop click here.
You should all go stop by... like now.