Oh today.

Monday, October 24, 2011
Today is less than glam. It looks a little like this.
Gracie baby is having a rough day... I think she's a little sick. I being the unexperienced mother that I am... have no real idea what is wrong with her. I have a lot of guesses though. Sometimes, that's just what being a mother is like. You take your best guess & hope you help your kid the best you possibly can.

We had a wonderful weekend around these parts.
We went to the Arizona State Fair on Saturday which was pretty much AMAZING. Man, people here know how to get their "fair" on.
We went with my brother & sister in law with their two little girls. I think it's safe to say that the little girls had a good time with each other.
This series of photos crack me up.

I stayed up really late working on my first line of goodies for my shop. I got a LOT done. Then, just like every night when I decide to stay up late... Grace woke up before the sun. Poor little thing.
I have a lot to do today... That includes getting my office more put together. Here's hoping!

Ps- Let's be Facebook pals! I started a Facebook page for my shop! You can "like" me over on the sidebar there! 


Rachel said...

i hate that, you just wanna be ill for them. Or at least have them able to talk so they can tell you whats wrong..
Hope your little one feels better soon and you get a bit more sleep also!
Rachel :)