Halloween Costume Idea: S'more Family

Monday, October 31, 2011

This year in a stroke of genius I decided that we were going to be a S'more family
Spencer and I wore chocolate & marshmallow shirts that I just made real quick with iron on transfers.

Gracie's costume was the whole s'more package. It was really simple. It's just cardboard boxes, felt, & batting.
Out of the cardboard box I cut a 10x10 piece for the graham cracker and then covered it in a brown paper bag and a 12x12 piece for the chocolate covered in felt.
Her marshmallow filling is just batting cut into a squarish circle like a smooshed out marshmallow.
I hot glued everything. I love hot glue. Then I tied the front & back pieces together with brown ribbon so I could just slip it on and off super easy.
She wore a white shirt to blend into the marshmallow.

 She was pretty much the cutest s'more I ever did see.
Honestly, she kind of hated her costume so it just  sat next to her all night. That little stinker.

I think it's so fun to dress up in coordinating outfits. I'm already thinking of what we should be next year. I have to make the most of it while my kids don't really have an opinion of their own. Ha ha.

What are you doing tonight for the holiday? I think we're just going to make a batch of soup, eat some pumpkin cheesecake, watch a movie, and call it a night.
Perk of having only one little kid.