This is what's for dinner: Taco night.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
I think I've shared before... I'm a little in love with the two girls at Our Best Bites.
Their cookbook kinda changed my life.
Their recipes are easy to follow along & super delicious. They have made me a cook-a-holic.

Yesterday my brother &sister in law came over for dinner and I made our whole dinner from scratch. It was so good. Man, what I would do for some more Chili-Lime steak right now... 

Anyways, so I thought I'd share with you the recipes I used. All from Our Best Bites.
We did kind of a Carne-asada build your own taco meal.

If you're in a rut this meal is a fun little change up, and it is all planned for you! If you need a shopping list  I still have mine written down you can borrow... ha ha. You can do a lot of prep work early in the day or chop all the veggies up the night before so you're all ready to go when dinner time rolls around.

For the meat I did the Lime-Chili Rubbed Steak.
We don't own a barbecue yet so I just seared it in a screaming hot pan and then finished it off in the oven.
It was super tender & juicy.

For a side dish, I did these Quick & Easy Black Beans. They can be a meal in and of themselves! They are loaded with nutrients, and protein!

What's taco night without some Guacamole?

And of course, this Salsa!

Now imagine all this goodness wrapped up in a corn tortilla... yum.
Now I must return to refinishing some furniture.


Betsy said...

Can I just say I think you are super woman! I bought this cook book the week it came out and have still yet to cook anything in it!!! I always see the recipes you are making and I think.... ahhhh if Jenna has a baby, husband, and has time to make dinner out of this darn book then I DO TO!!!.. but I just get too lazy!! Just wanted you to know I think of you whenever I look at it! Hope your making great food... keep the updates coming!!!