DIY: Shabby Chic Accessory Holder

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Today I have a super cute shabby chic accessory holder that is quick & easy that you can totally make yourself.

We have lots of clips/headbands floating around our house. They're so pretty it seems almost a shame to throw them in a drawer and hide them away from the world.
Here is my solution to having a cute way to display them

It was really easy and only involved a few tools.

Here is what you will need:
- Any size frame  you wish [I got mine from Hobby Lobby for about $10]
- Chicken wire [under $10 at Home Depot]
- Staple Gun & Staples
- Wire snips
- Felt [not pictured]

 First measure your frame and using your wire snips, cut to size. 
I cut mine larger than I  needed and then trimmed it so it was easier to pull tight when I stapled it to the frame.

 Staple the chicken wire to your frame. 
Make sure you are pulling it tight as you go so you don't have weird warped chicken wire when you're done.
I trimmed the extra wire & folded in the jagged edges.

Take your felt and cut about a one inch strip for each side of the frame. 
Attach with staples. 
This is so the rough edges don't scratch up your wall.

And wha-la.
I think it is just so cute & will be so darling with all my babes pretty little things on it.

You can hang anything on these! Pictures with little clothes pins, earrings, or even add little hooks to the wire and use as necklace holder, or keys.
It is so chic, and has so many possibilities!