Katie Holmes Hair.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Once I cut my hair short I started craving even SHORTER hair. I know. I'm crazy. I didn't know if I had the guts to tell ya the truth. I mentioned to my sister in law [ who totally rocks a pixie cut like it's nobody's business ] that I wanted to go a little shorter but didn't know if I could.
She assured me that I could go a good deal shorter.
So that was it. I was pretty set on the idea. I still don't have the nerve to go to a pixie, but I did have in mind what I wanted.

Katie Holmes is one of my hair icons because she's always so classy and timeless.
So we did it and I am in total love. It is much shorter than I've ever had before. The back is only a couple inches, the front we left a few pieces a little longer.

My other sister in law is a hair stylist & she is the one who did it. I showed my husband the picture I was going for and he told me it looks EXACTLY the same.
Whoo hoo, Amanda you rock!

It seriously takes me 10  minutes wet to finish. I love it.

Maybe someday I'll get that pixie.