Our living space.

Thursday, November 3, 2011
We have almost lived in our new house for a month now. How fast time flies is so crazy to me!
We are getting moved in and finally starting to feel a little settled.
Every. Single. Room. is still not done.
Putting a room together takes a lot of time for me, my vision for it changes like every 2.3 seconds. So it makes decorating interesting to say the least.

I have been putting together our family room/kitchen area because I wanted there to be one complete comfortable space for our family to be able to rest and spend time together in without there being chaos all around.
So I thought I'd share the process with you.

This is how our room looks right now. Almost all the furniture you see is from Ikea. Because well- all our furniture broke in the move. Not even kidding. We basically took one BIG shopping trip.
 The entertainment center pretty much houses  our whole life for this room. I'm thinking about backing the backs of the bookcases with some fabric or wall paper or maybe just some paint to brighten it up.  
The rug is from Ikea. I'm not in love but it works for us right now. 
&Of course my white Ikea couches that a month later I still love. They are not really even a hassle. I promise. They're washable, and if they ever become too icky, I can get new covers for only $40 and BAM I have a whole new couch.

This area is on the far wall of the room right when you enter the hallway to the garage.
It's kind of a landing place for all junk so we bought this little console table to be the catch all for now.
As is section of Ikea [nothing is even wrong with it] for 50% off. Total steal.
On this table there is two seasonal prints in frames and a silver plate to catch things. 
My purse is often here, along with sunglasses, mail, and keys. I told you-- just bout everything. 
I slipped some ottomans we already had under that function as extra seating for the room if we need it, and they also have storage for extra pillows and blankets. I'm thinking large woven baskets here would be fabulous too. 

I haven't recovered my pillows yet. The ones we have are totally not working.White pillows on a white couch is silly I know. I'm a finicky about fabric choices for my own home. 

ps- I just listed some of these in the shop. I seriously LOVE them.