TUTORIAL: Chic book page ornaments.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
I've been a little MIA lately. I've been busy soaking up every last bit of baby in my little girl because she is turning one in a few days and is already turning into an energetic toddler. I love my baby Grace, toddler Grace I'm sure will be fun too. But I'll miss her being my baby. 
I swear yesterday she was this little. That was the day we brought her home.
Also, I am finishing up a HUGE order and a few other smaller ones which have taken up my minute amount of free time the last few days. 

But alas, I am sure you are looking for some simple Christmas decoration ideas as am I this season because where are the days even going?! Well, I have one for you today. 

Book Page Glass Ornaments
I am in love with anything book page these days, so chic!

Book pages [2 or 3]
Clear glass bulbs
Ribbon [optional]

First cut you book pages in about 1/4" strips.

 Remove the cap of the ornament and fill it with a few strips of paper at a time. 

 There's no special way to do this, I kind of maneuvered the strips so they would cover the circle and not bunch.

 I replaced the caps & tied some simple cream ribbon in a bow. Aren't they so darling?

These are so fun & SO simple. They look so elegant too.  


Lisa said...

Such a cute idea! I want to do this. Just found your blog & have been stalking it for the past half hour..I just love it!! :)