The best thing I've ever done.

Thursday, September 6, 2012
We've been going through a lot of growing pains in  our family the last few months.
All the changes have made me start thinking about what I value most, and what I have accomplished so far in life.

Being a mom is the hardest but greatest thing in my life. I feel defeated most days, and I only have 1 child which then in turn makes me feel inadequate a lot.

But as our little girl grows and I see so much hope and goodness in her. Goodness that came from my husband and I. I think to myself that we must be doing a little bit of something right when she is so worried about someone's owie she just really wants to kiss it better for them. That is the tell tale sign right? I'll go with it.

She is the embodiment of all that is good. She is so loving. She is so smart. She is hilarious. She has a laugh that is contagious. She has a smile that lightens up the room.


Megan said...

Just because having 1 kid wears you out, it does not make you inadequate. It is not easy to have one child. It is very hard. I think the lord just blesses you with another child right about the time it may start to seem "easy", haha so watch out ;P

But seriously, you are amazing. I know life gets overwhelmingly tough, especially when you are working, going to school, and being a mamma. But remember, you are doing good =]. Take one day at a time, and try and take time for yourself to breath. Even if it is only for 30 seconds.