A peek into our new house.

Sunday, December 1, 2013
The months since we moved in have flown by. I guess that's what happens when you have a 2 littles to take care of, and a crazy busy schedule. 
I have a LOT of projects planned to start after the holidays are over, but for now I thought I would share some snapshots captured via Instagram of our home as it is right now. 
Though it needs paint &other finishing touches [ah emm furniture] It is still pretty as it is right now.

Our family room where we spend nearly ALL our time. It's a great room with our kitchen & dining so pretty much where we ALWAYS are. My TV still needs mounted, I'm thinking a new piece under the TV and 2 really great chairs. 

My nursery as it stands today. I love it, just needs some paint. 

 Grace's room has a hodge podge of bedding right now. Some might stay some might go, I haven't fully decided yet. It also is going to be painted, I let Grace pick the color, I'll give you ONE guess what she chose. It'll be classy & pretty when it's all done.

Those are the most "done" rooms of the house right now. My office/guest room is in shambles &our front room doesn't have much more than an antique dresser & a wingback loveseat that's begging to be recovered. All in due time.